I was born in small town in the middle parts of Sweden. My interest in photography started in late 2006 while visiting London. Soon this interest became more than a interest, I found the world of fine art photography.

My name is Mikael Raymond
I do have a fondness for black & white photographing and I mostly find my inspiration from the French and from the eastern European scene. My black & white photos express the Nordic light and I enhance that light with tones that suits that special atmosphere in Scandinavia. 

I do music as well




My latest work will be shown here.

"The tufts" Skåne -  2021

"Memory is deceptive because it is colored by today's events"  -Einstein

Bits and pieces

Success Story

The photo "Between Those Curvy Hills" recieved a honorable mention in IPA~int'l photography award.

Exihibition at Galleri Zebra, Södertälje from 5/3 - 10/3 - 2011.

Plugzine # 4 - "Back To Black and White" Exhibition 22/5 - 5/6 2010 - Beijing, China.
One of 33 photographers selected in Datacolors competition, "The Colors Of your Life". "The Snapshooter" and the photo "On The Wet Cobblestones" will be published in the book "The Colors Of your Life" released by Blurb.
2 photos "On The Wet Cobblestones" and "Sometimes It just Remains" recieved a Honorable Mention in PX3 2009 Photo Competition.
"Waiting For The Rain To Stop" selected by Red Bubble to be Published in the book "The City"
Blur - Magazine published my photo "Strolling" In issue #11
Blur - Magazine published my photo "On The Wet Cobblestones" in issue #09
4 photos "On The Wet Cobblestones", "Still In Life" "Directions", and "Madame Pearl And Joe Random" published at F-Stop Magazine in Issue 33
2 photos "The Snapshooter" and "Waiting For The Rain Top Stop" published at File Magazine.
Fototalk has selected 3 of my work for the Photo Exposition in Vinhedo, Brazil, 2008.
Saatchi Gallery selected one of his photos to be shown at the Sony World Photograhy Contest, Cannes Festival 2008.
3 of of my photos where selected to be shown at the exhibition held at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, 2007.
2 of my photos where selected to be shown at the Fotomässan, 2007.

Stop for a moment, 
i'm also doing web designs, album covers

I understand that not everyone is a web design expert. I am designing with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to beginners and experts alike. ​Tired of struggling with complicated web design tools? I've been there too. Say goodbye to frustration as I provide an intuitive platform that makes designing a website a breeze.
Need a album cover for your band? Mixing? Mastering?
Drop me an email and let's chat about it. 

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